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Dan-Unity and Aker Carbon Capture CO2 to Explore Solutions for Maritime Transport of CO2

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Dan-Unity CO2 and Aker Carbon Capture have signed a collaboration agreement to develop flexible CO2 transport solutions, with the aim of establishing a full carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) value chain.

“By teaming up with the industry leaders in the fields of CO2 transport and storage, we aim to establish compelling full value chain offerings that will enable industrial emitters of CO2 to decarbonize their assets faster,” said Jon Christopher Knudsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Aker Carbon Capture.

Dan-Unity CO2 is the world’s first carbon capture and storage-specific shipping entity, established by Danish shipping companies, Evergas and Navigator Gas, each a market leader within their respective segments. Thus, Dan-Unity CO2 draws upon extensive knowledge and expertise in the shipment of liquid gasses to design, build, and manage the pioneering transportation solution required for CCS projects.

“The key to success for CCUS comes by strong partnerships, enabling to offer customers cost effective and safe solutions all the way,” said Steffen Jacobsen, CEO of Dan-Unity CO2. “Transporting CO2 by sea allows for maximum flexibility and multiple sourcing points, thus unlocking economies of scale for many CCS projects, often delivering a lower cost per tonnes compared with other transport solutions”.

Aker Carbon Capture and Dan-Unity CO2 will explore the development potential of future CCS value chains by collaborating on market analysis and insight, with the aim of identifying and maturing specific opportunities.

The companies will utilize their considerable collective industry expertise to identify technical and commercial risks across the CCS value chain, including capture and liquefaction technology, loading and offloading operations, offshore offloading, intermediate storage and permanent subsurface storage.

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